Welcome to the Balance Network

Digital technologies are changing our personal lives, the way we work, and the interplay between the two.

In this context, the Balance Network works to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to research and practice relating to digital living.

It offers a framework for our network members to share experience, explore new ideas, disseminate knowledge to academic and wider communities, and inform policy. It has funded 20+ member-led activities since 2013, and publishes regular bulletins on digital research and practice.

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Past Bulletins

Since 2015, the Balance Network has sent regular bulletins on digital research and practice to its subscribers.

Past Activities

The Balance Network has co-hosted numerous events and activities since its founding in Feb 2013.

Sister Projects

The Balance Network is directly linked to the following three EPSRC-funded research projects. Its purpose has been to both facilitate links between the projects, and use them as a springboard to create a wider network of academics and non-academics for collaborative events and projects.

Digital Brain Switch

The Digital Brain Switch (DBS) project, looked at how people switch between different work-life roles – parent, spouse, friend, co-worker, manager, employee – and how digital technologies either support this or act as a barrier.

Digital Epiphanies

The Digital Epiphanies team were interested in how technologies might be used to support reflection on our digital behaviours (and possible “digital epiphanies”).

Family Rituals 2.0

The Family Rituals 2.0 research team identified how daily rhythms of family life, namely family rituals, can potentially come into conflict with workplace demands in the digital era.

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