Beyond Balance 27 Jun 2016: photos

27 June 2016

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With thanks to our photographer, Dave Green

“Beyond Balance: How digital technologies are affecting our work, our homes, and everything in between”. Further details can be seen on the main Beyond Balance page.

On the 27th June 2016, we welcomed a fantastic group of entrepreneurs, academics and engineers to the Institution for Engineering and Technology’s beautifully refurbished headquarters at Savoy Pl, London. There was great participation in the discussions which contributed to what we hope everyone found a memorable day.

Dr Rosie Robison (pictured above), PI on the Balance Network, introduced the day.

Claire Fox (pictured above) was our first keynote, whose practical session reiterated Ghandi’s words: “Be the change you want to see in the world”!

Dr Donald Hislop, along with his colleagues Prof Jonathan Beaverstock and businessman Clive Wratten presented in the first session, on mobile technologies and business travel.

During Paulina Yurman and Marta Cecchinato’s session, everyone was interested in trying to figure out where and how much “Home”, “Work” and a third element come together

Dr Barbara Neuhofer and Prof Adele Ladkin led an interactive session on the challenges we face when trying to ‘shut down’ during holiday time.

The last morning session in the Flowers Room was hosted by Prof Gail Kinman from the Switched on Culture Research Group, and everyone was keen to share their thoughts on the concept of ‘e-resilience’.

After lunch, this session chaired by Dr Rachel Macrorie with Dr Nick Banks, Dr Tom Hargreaves and Dr Matt Watson as panellists, reflected on the adoption of digital technologies, work-life balance and energy demand.

Members of the Digital Brain Switch project hosted session 6 in the Flowers Room, a very interactive workshop where attendees reflected on their work-life boundaries.

The last session in the beautiful Kevin Theatre before the afternoon keynote was about crowdsourcing and older workers. The discussion was led by Dr Sally-Anne Barnes, together with colleagues Prof Leela Damodaran, Prof Anne Green and Simon Joyce.

Dr Rowanne Fleck along with Dr Anya Skatova hosted the last workshop where attendees paired up and swapped personal data they had collected through apps and wearable devices, stimulating reflections on how each person sees work-life balance!

The final keynote was the very humorous Oliver Burkeman, who challenged the concept of efficiency and made everyone question how hard they are on themselves.

The whole day was attended by an amazing dynamic group of people!

From organisers David Kirk, Rosie Robison and Stephanie Cziczo (from left to right) and all involved in the event’s organisation: thanks to all for a great day, and we look forward to seeing you at future Balance Network activities!