Beyond Balance, network conference

27 Jun 2016, London

BEYOND BALANCE: How digital technologies are affecting our work, our homes, and everything in between

You can find audio and video from the event on our Youtube channel. Photos can be seen here.

This event was co-hosted by Communications & IT Policy panels of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) at their newly refurbished headquarters in Savoy Place, WC2R 0BL.

Digital and mobile technologies are changing how we work, rest and play. The Balance Network works to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to research and practice relating to Work-Life Balance in the Digital Age. We do this through our events, monthly bulletin, and funding for member-led activities. Beyond Balance brought together a range of voices to explore what ‘work-life balance’ means for us in the 21st century.

Keynotes were Claire Fox (Save the Children International) and Oliver Burkeman (The Guardian).

Eight sessions highlighted outputs from Balance Network activities which ran between November 2015–April 2016:

Mobile technologies & business travellers

Download the slides here.


E-resilience: what’s the solution?

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Material desires: design & WLB

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How to life-swap with personal data

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WLB, digital technologies and energy demand

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Reconceptualising work-life boundaries

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Crowdsourcing: prolonging working life

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Going ‘off-grid’: connectivity during leisure travel

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