‘Life Swap’ workshops

23 Feb 2016, Nottingham & 23, 25 Apr 2016, Birmingham

‘Life Swap’ Workshops

There now exists an application or device that can monitor almost any aspect of our lives. However, there is still work needed to understand better how to support people in making sense of and reflecting on their captured data. Dr Rowanne Fleck and Dr Anya Skatova argue that sharing personal data is a way people can swap life routines with others, and has huge potential to enable people to gain new insights into their own and others’ experiences. To explore this concept further, Rowanne and Anya organized a series of workshops each requesting participants collect to bring and share a different type of personal data to enable reflection on and gain insight into an aspect of work-life balance.

Participants attending the workshops were surprised at how interesting they found these life-swap conversations, and the team now has a good body of data to help understand the potential value of such an approach both as a way of supporting reflection on personal data, and for Rowanne and Anya as researchers, to learn about potential topics of interest.

This event was featured in our Beyond Balance conference!