Rhythms, Routines & Relationships

26-27 Nov 2015, Sheffield

A series of collaborative activities were undertaken between the Balance Network and the Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability (PBES) network, together with representatives from policy, industry and the third sector. The activities included an interdisciplinary working party in November 2015 and a discursive webinar series, to progressively co-examine the changing rhythms, routines and relationships associated with increasing adoption of digital technologies into domestic and work practices, and their implications for patterns of energy demand. A video outlining the original Working Party event at University of Sheffield in Nov 2015 is available. For further details, please contact Dr. Rachel Macrorie, The Urban Institute, University of Sheffield.

The full edited collection is available for download.


These activities were featured in our Beyond Balance conference! You can listen to the session on our YouTube channel.