Three Cafés

23 & 28 Nov 2016, Cambridge

Anglia Ruskin University’s Marina VelezDavide Natalini, and Debby Lauder ran this series of three experimental interventions, designed to open up discursive spaces for interactive and experiential research as to how digital technology increasingly serves to shape our perception, determine our communication, frame our identity, inform our self-awareness and underpin our social interactions.

Marina, Debby and Davide have previously collaborated on a number of interdisciplinary projects aimed at bringing together the arts and science. In particular, they previously run a symposium addressing the concept of Belonging and sustainability, held at Cambridge School of Art in March 2016 and they collaborated on the 2016 Cambridge Sustainability Residency, founded by Marina. The group’s main interest is to explore how different disciplines can engage in dialogue, help one another to expand their boundaries and together they explore ways of creating that ‘third’ interdisciplinary space. Marina, Debby and Davide believe that collaborations between art and science can be beneficial to both disciplines and the group will continue its investigation through a long-term collaborative project.

Download the poster here.

Three Cafes