May 2016 Bulletin: Selected News Stories

13 May 2016

The last of the activities we funded in 2015 were held in April; congratulations to all the activity leads. We could not have been more pleased with the events and outputs. We look forward to more innovative proposals for our 2016 funding, which is currently open to applications. As always, please do circulate this notice to relevant contacts and networks.

  1. Opt-Out – Subscription Update
  2. Balance Network funding available
  3. Beyond Balance
  4. Member Activities & News – Technature,  School Gate SET; Shine Offline
  5. Upcoming Events – Digital healthcare & wellness challenge; IFIP Working Conference; Wales Festival of Innovation; Technology for Societal Change
  6. Funding Opportunity – Human Dimensions of Cyber Security (EPSRC)

1. Opt-Out – Subscription Update
As mentioned in the previous e-newsletter, the Network has grown from 40 to over 270 in under a year, and we’ve realised that we need a better email process for our bulletins. We’ll be loading the membership list into Anglia Ruskin University’s CRM system in the coming month. This means that you might receive up to three emails from the university over a year – in addition to the Network’s monthly bulletins.  If this is not acceptable to you, please let us know.  If you are okay with an occasional Anglia Ruskin email, no need to reply. We’re hoping you enjoy our newly-formatted e-newsletter this summer!

2. Balance Network funding available
The Balance Network is currently inviting proposals for funding of activities within the themes of ‘work-life balance in the digital age’. Funded activities will form part of the network’s programme of activities between now and the end of 2016. The maximum available per activity is £2.5k. They must be led out of an academic institution for claim purposes but can involve close collaboration with other organisations. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis (result within 6 weeks of application), with the final deadline for submission of 5pm on 29 July 2016.  Please visit our website for full guidelines.

3. Beyond Balance
With over 100 registrations already, Beyond Balance: how digital technologies are affecting our work, our homes, and everything in between (27 June, 10am–5pm, London), is set to be a very exciting gathering across a wide range of sectors and disciplines. The Balance Network team visited the venue (IET’s Savoy Place) again this week to meet with IET president Naomi Climer and were once again impressed by the surroundings and food! If you haven’t got your ticket yet remember to register by 6 June… and if you are coming we look forward to seeing you there.

4. Member Activities & News
School Gate SET
Over the next three months, School Gate Set will be recruiting 40 career-break engineers, technologists and technicians whose children are in primary school. School Gate SET ambassadors will build relationships with their children’s school and support the STEM curriculum. If you are interested, visit School Gate SET’s blog for more details.

Shine Offline
Through attending the April e-resilience conference, Shine Offline recently connected with the Balance Network. Shine Offline launched in January, and is a new organization looking to empower people with the skills and know-how to step away from their digital devices and acknowledge the often negative impact of constant connectivity. They run learning sessions that highlight the impact of small behavioural changes on managing distraction, lowering stress and building resilience.

Sue Thomas has released a video on the topic of “Technature:” living more healthily in cities and more naturally with our technology. Sue is a Visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University and published the book ‘Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace’ in 2013.

5. Upcoming Events
Digital healthcare & wellness challenge
Digital Catapult is launching their Data City, Data Nation healthcare & wellness challenge on 14 June, 9-12 in London. The event will set the scene for future challenges and is designed for data scientists, startups and innovators. The event will look at topics such as: How can wearables improve health and monitoring? What are the possibilities of sensors to monitor environments and individuals? What improvements can we make to our health and the records we keep?

IFIP Working Conference
The International Federation for Information Processing working conference, Beyond Interpretivism? New Encounters with Technology and Organisation will be held in Dublin over 9-10 December 2016.

Wales Festival of Innovation
The Wales Festival of Innovation, 20 June – 1 July, will showcase businesses and people leading the way through innovation, academic research and cutting edge technologies. The festival is expected to facilitate the exchange of ideas, create collaborations and inspire a new generation of innovative products, solutions and cultural endeavours.

Technology for Societal Change
A summer session on Appropriating Technology for Societal Change – The Dynamics of the Digital is being organized by the Nordic Summer University with the Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Gothenburg. Subjects will include: the consequences of open data for democracy, education, science and politics; the benefits/drawbacks of open/proprietary software; and how society is affected by algorithms guiding social interaction and public debate. The event takes place in Orivesi, Finland, over 24-31 July. We are pleased to welcome organizer Johan Söderberg to the BN mailing list.

6. Funding Opportunity – Human Dimensions of Cyber Security (EPSRC)
The EPSRC has up to £5 million available to support collaborative, international and problem-driven projects that address the human dimensions of cyber security. Challenges include: 1) Design, build and measure; 2) A theory of everyone; 3) Risk, trust and response; 4) Understanding people; and 5) Evolution of cybercrime. The closing date is 8 June.

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